GOES-R Series Acronyms (W)

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W Watts
W West
WA Work Assignment
WA Work Authority
WAD Work Authorizing Document
WAM WR Analysis Meeting
WAN Wide Area Network
WAS Web Application Server
WB White Box
WBS Work Breakdown Structure
WCA Worst Case Analysis
WCDA Wallops Command and Data Acquisition
WCDAS Wallops Command and Data Acquisition Station
WCE Worst-Case Estimate
WCRP World Climate Research Program
WDR Wet Dress Rehearsal (KSC)
WDRVI Wide Dynamic Range Vegetation Index
WDT Watch Dog timer
WDTB Warning Decision Training Branch (NOAA)
WEFAX Weather Facsimile
WES Weather Event Simulator
WF-ABBA Wildfire Automated Biomass Burning Algorithm
WFC Wide Field Collimator
WFF Wallops Flight Facility
WFMO Workforce Management Office
WFO Weather Forecast Offices
WG Working Group
WGC Working Group Collaboration
WGCV Working Group on Cal/Val
WI Watch Item
WI Work Instruction
WIC Workstation In Charge
WIFR Within Frame Registration
WMO World Meteorological Organization
WO Work Order
WOA Work Order Authorization (GSFC)
WOFT Work Order Flow Tag
WOG Work Order Generation
WPA Warehouse Proxy Agent
WR Waveguide Rectangular
WR Western Range
WR Work Request
WRAP Wildfire Research and Applications Partnership (Rochester, NY)
WRED Weighted Random Early Detection
WRF Weather Research and Forecasting (model)
WRN Weather Ready Nation
WRT With Respect To
WS Web Service (messaging)
WS Winter Solstice
WS Work Station
WSC White Sands Complex
WSDL Web Service Description Language
WV Water Vapor
WVSS-II Water Vapor Sensing System II
WWB World Weather Building
WWLLN World-Wide Lightning Location Network
WWRP World Weather Research Program (WMO)
WXE Wideband and Multiuse Data Link Extractor