GOES-R Series Acronyms (D)

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D/L Downlink
D&E Design and Engineering
DA Distribution Amplifier
DAA Deputy Assistant Administrator
DAA Designated Approval Authority
DAAS Deputy Assistant Administrator Systems
DAB Data Archive Board (NESDIS)
DAC Digital to Analog Converter
DAC Discretionary Access Control
DACA days after contract award
DACO Defense Administrative Contract Officer
DADDS DCS Alternate Data Distribution System
DAI Developer Anomaly and Improvement
DAL Data Accession List
DAMS Data Acquisition and Monitoring Subsystem (DCS)
DANCE Detailed ANalysis of Critical Events (GSP Planning)
DAO Department Administrative Order
DAP Delivered Algorithm Package
DAPS Data Collection System (DCS) Automatic Processing System
DAR Decision Analysis and Resolution
DAR Designated Acquisition Representative
DARB Data Acquisition Review Board
DARTS Digital Advance Ranging with Transport Range Signals
DAS Data Acquisition System
DAS Directly Attached Storage
DASHO Designated Agency Safety and Health Official
dB decibel
DBDD Data Base Design Document
DBDM Dual Band Data (LM-KO)
DBMS Database Management System
dBpT Decibel pico-Tesla
dBu Micro Decibel
DC Digital Count
DCAA Defense Contract Auditing Agency
DCC  Deep Convective Clouds
DCCT Deep Convective Cloud Technique
DCFM Data Center Fabric Manager
DCLMA District of Columbia Lightning Mapping Array
DCMA Defense Contract Management Agency
DCMC Defense Contract Management Command
DCN Document Change Notice/Control Number
DCNM Data Center Network Manager
DCOMP Daytime Cloud Optical and Microphysical Properties
DCP Data Collection Platform
DCPC Data Collection Platform Commands
DCPI Data Collection Platform Interrogation
DCPR Data Collection Platform Report
DCR Document Change Record
DCRB Delivery Content Review Board
DCS Distributed Control System
DCS Data Collection System
DCS-GES DCS Ground Equipment Set
DD Data Deliverable
DD Description Document
DD Design Description
DD Detailed Design
DDL Design Definition Language
DDoS Distributed Denial of Service
DDR Data Delivery Report (CLASS)
DDR Detailed Design Review
DDTC/DTC   Directorate of Defense Trade Controls [/DOS] which administers ITAR
DE Data Engineer
DE Detection Efficiency
DE Development Environment
deg degree
DEM Differential Emission Measure
DEM Digital Elevation Model
DES Data Exchange Service
DESA Defense Evaluation Support Activity
Dev&I Development and Integration
DEWG Data Engineering Working Group
DF Data Fabric
DF  Data Formatter
DFD Data Flow Diagram
DFP Digital Front-end Processor
DFT Discrete Fourier Transform
DGTLS Diagnostic Tools
DHB Discrete Heartbeat
DHCP Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol
DIACAP Department of Defense Information Assurance Certification and Accreditation Process
DICF Division Inventory Control Function
DID Data Item Description
DIF Data Information Flag
DiffServ Differentiated Services
DIR Defense Meteorological Satellite Program Incident Report
DISTM Detailed Integrated Satellite Thermal Model
DIT Dynamic Interaction Test
DITE Development, Integration and Test Environments
DITL Day-In-The-Life
DITZ Development environment, Integration and Test Zone
DLC Data Link Connection Identifier
DLFM Domain Level Fault Management
DLOC Delivered/Developed Line of Code
DLR Downward Longwave Radiation
DM Data Management
DM Data Model
DMAP Data Management and Analysis Plan
DMC Dynamic Motion Compensation
DMI Data Model Interface
DMI Direct Method Invocation
DML Database Manipulation Language
DMR Design Modification Review
DMS Document Management System
DMSP Defense Meteorological Satellite Program
DMW Derived Motion Winds
DMWA Derived Motion Winds Algorithm
DNS Domain Name Service
DNSSec Domain Name System Security
DO Data Operations
DOC Department of Commerce
DOCTREE Document Tree
DoD U.S. Department of Defense
DOD Depth of Discharge
DoDAAC DOD Activity Address Code
DOE Data Operations Exercise
DOE Department of Energy
DOF degrees of freedom
DOI Digital Object Identifier
DOM Data Operations Manager
DOORS Dynamic Object Oriented Requirements System
DOP Data Operations Procedure
DoS Denial of Service
DOST Data Operations Support Team
DOT Data Operations Test
DOT Delivery and Operational Transition
DP Derived Product  
DP Data Processor
DPA Destructive Physical Analysis
DPA Differential Power Analysis
DPI derived product image
DPM Deputy Project Manager
DPMR Deputy Project Manager Resources
DPR Dual-frequency Precipitation Radar
DPU Data Processing Unit
DPXR Diplexor Transceiver
DQF Data Quality Flag
DR Decommissioning Review
DR Discrepancy Report
DR Disposal Review
DRAC Dell Remote Access Controller
DRB Design Reference Baseline
DRD Data Requirement Description
DRFP Draft Request for Proposal
DRGS Direct Readout Ground Station (DCS)
DRH Design Reference Handbook
DRM Design Reference Mission
DRM Disaster Recovery Manager
DRP Design Review Program
DRS DRS Technologies
DS Data Sharing
DS Delegation Signer
DS Digital Signal
DSA Data Source Adaptors
DSCC Defense Supply Center Columbus
DSCP DiffServ Code Point
DSE Data Service Element
DSLOC Delivered Source Lines of Code
DSN Deep Space Network
DSP Digital Signal Processing
DSPD Deputy System Program Director
DSR Downward Shortwave Radiation
DSS Digital Signature Standard
DST Decision Support Tool
DST Deploy Software and Tables
DSU Data Synchronization Unit
DTED Digital Terrain Elevation Data
DTO Data Transport Object
DTO Detailed Test Objectives
DTWT Data Transfer Workload Table
DU Dobson Unit
DUS Deputy Under Secretary
DUT Data Under Test
DVB-S2 Digital Video Broadcasting – Second Generation
DVD Digital video disk; digital versatile disk
DWG Drawing
DWSS Defense Weather Satellite System