GOES-R Series Acronyms (L)

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L Launch
L0 Level 0
L1B, or L1b   Level 1B; Level 1b
L1R Level 1 Requirement
L2 Level 2
L2+ Level 2 and higher
L&EO Launch and Early Orbit
LACP Link Aggregation Control Protocol
LAE Liquid Apogee Engine
LAN local area network
LAP Legacy Atmospheric Profile
LAPSS Large Area Pulsed Solar Simulation
LaRC Langley Research Center (NASA)
LASP Laboratory for Atmospheric and Space Physics
LAT Lot Acceptance Test
LB Load Balancer
LBC Labor Bid Code
LBLRTM Line-By-Line Radiative Transfer Model
LBNL/ALS Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory/Advanced Light Source
LCC Launch Commit Criteria
LCC Life Cycle Cost
LCC Load Cycle Count
LCCE Life-Cycle Cost Estimate
LCE Life Cycle Engineering
LCFA Lightning Cluster Filter Algorithm
LCL low cloud layer
LCR Launch Control Room
LDALC Linearizer Drive Amplifier with Automatic Level Control
LDAP Lightweight Directory Access Protocol
LDAR Lightning Detection and Ranging
LDCM Landsat Data Continuity Mission
LDM Logical Data Model
LDPC Low Density Parity Check (Coding Technique)
LECO Line Environmental Compliance and Safety Officer
LED Light Emitting Diode
LEGF Lightning Events Groups and Flashes
LEO Low Earth Orbit
LEOP Launch and Early Orbit Phase
LER Lower Equipment Room
LET Linear Energy Transfer
LFU Least Frequently Used
LHCP Left-Hand Circular Polarization
LHP Loop Heat Pipe
Li Lithium
LI Lifted Index
LIDAR LIght Detection And Ranging
LIRD Level 1 Requirements Document
LIS Lightning Imager Sensor
LL Lessons Learned
LLA Launch Lock Assembly
LLI Limited Life Items
LLIL Limited Life Items List
LLIS Lessons Learned Information System
LLS Linear Least Squares
LLWG Lessons Learned Working Group
LM Lockheed Martin
LMA Lightning Mapping Array
LMATC Lockheed Martin Advanced Technology Center
LMC Line-of-sight Motion Compensation
LMS Lockheed Martin Space
LMSAL Lockheed Martin Solar and Astrophysics Laboratory
LMSSC Lockheed Martin Space Systems Company
LMT Lightning Monitoring Tool
LNA Low Noise Amplifiers
LO Line Office
LOA Letter of Agreement
LOC Line of Code
LOC Loss of Capability
LOD Letter of Delegation
LOE Level Of Effort
LOH Late Onset Harmonics
LoM Life of Mission
LOR Launch and Orbit Raising
LOS line-of-sight
LP Low Power
LPD Launch Planning Date
LPLA NASA Langley Parameterized Longwave Algorithm
LPM Low-voltage Power Module
LPT Limited Performance Test
LPW Layer Precipitable Water
LR launch of GOES R satellite
LRC Local Radiative Center
LRD Launch Readiness Date
LRE Latest Revised Estimate
LRF Line-of-sight Reference Frame
LRIT Low-Rate Information Transfer
LRIT Low Rate Information Transmission Transmission (for GOES-R to be provided by HRIT/EMWIN)
LRITT Low Rate Information Transmission Terminal
LRR Launch Readiness Review
LRU Line Replaceable Unit
LS Launch Segment
LS launch of GOES-S satellite
LSA Land Surface Albedo
LSA Logistics Support Analysis
LSAR Logistics Support Analysis Record
LSB Least significant bit
LSE Land Surface Emissivity
LSE Launch Support Equipment
LSIM Launch Site Integration Manager
LSIP Launch Site Integration Plan
LSP Launch Services Plan
LSP Launch Services Program
LSP Legacy Sounding Products
LSSMA L-S Band Switch Matrix Assembly
LSSP Launch Site Support Plan
LST Land Surface (Skin) Temperature
LSTO Launch Services Task Order
LTR Low Thrust REA (Rocket Engine Assembly)
LTWTA Linearized Traveling Wave Tube Amplifier
LUN Logical Unit Number
LUSI NIST LUnar Spectral Irradiance
LUT local user terminal
LUT look-up table (ancillary data)
LV launch vehicle
LVI Launch Vehicle Interface
LVRR Launch Vehicle Readiness Review
LW longwave
LWC Liquid Water Content
LWIR longwave infrared; long wavelength infrared
LWP Liquid Water Path
LZA Local Zenith Angle
LZSS Level Zero Storage Service (+B12)