GOES-R Series Acronyms (V)

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V/T Voltage/Temperature
V&V Verification and Validation
V Volts
V3 Virtual System Design Environment (GSFC)
VA Validation Authority
VAAC Volcanic Ash Advisory Center
VAC Variance at Completion
VAGL Vendor-Allocated Ground Latency
Val Validation
VAT Vendor Acceptance Testing
VBO Vacuum Bake Out
VC Visually Clean
VC Virtual Channel
VCDU virtual channel data unit
VCI Vegetation Condition Index
VCID Virtual Channel ID
VCRM Validation Cross Reference Matrix
Vdc Volts-Direct Current
VDD Version Description Document
VDR Verification Design Review
VFCLD Variable Fire with CLouDs
VFD Variable Frequency Drive
VFM Vertical Feature Mask
VFNOCLD   Variable Fire NO CLouDs
VHDL Virtual Hardware Description Language
VHF Very High Frequency
VIF Vertical Integration Facility
VII Visual Information Initiative
VIIRS Visible Infrared Imaging Radiometer Suite (Suomi NPP satellite)
VIMF Virtual Instrument Mounting Frame
VIS Visible
VISIT Virtual Institute for Satellite Integration Training
VISSR Visible/Infrared Spin Scan-Radiometer
VLAN Virtual LAN
VLF Very Low Frequency
VM Virtual Machine
VMF Virtual Mounting Frame
VNC Virtual Network Computing
VNIR Visible Near-Infrared
VO Validation/Verification Objectives
VOB Versioned Object Base
VoIP Voice Over Internet Protocol
VOSB Veteran Owned Small Business
VP Vice President
VPC Virtual Port Channel
VPN Virtual Private Network
VPOL Vertical Polarization
VR1 Class 1 Variance
VR2 Class 2 Variance
VRF Virtual Routing and Forwarding
VRQ Hardware Qualification Variance
VSCS Voice Shifting and Control System
VSDE Virtual System Design Environment
VSWR Voltage Standing Wave Radio
VTL Verification Tracking Log
VVP Verification and Validation Plan
VXR Visible/Near Infrared Transfer Radiometer