GOES-R Series Instruments Overview

goes-U spacecraft view

There are three classifications of GOES-R Series instruments:


  • Earth-pointed
  • Mounted on highly stable, precision pointed platform
  • Dynamically isolated from the rest of the spacecraft
  • Includes ABI and GLM


  • Mounted on a Sun Pointing Platform (SPP) housed on the solar array yoke
  • The SPP provides a stable platform that tracks the seasonal and daily movement of the sun relative to the spacecraft
  • Includes EXIS and SUVI on GOES-R/S/T and EXIS, SUVI, and CCOR on GOES-U


  • Includes SEISS and the Magnetometer
  • Provide localized measurements of particles and fields in geosynchronous orbit
  • Features include:
    • A wide variance in Field-of-View (FOV) requirements for the SEISS sensors
    • A boom to provide relative magnetic isolation for the Magnetometer

GOES-R series Instrument Suites

Click below to watch a video overview of the six GOES-R series instrument suites and learn about the monitoring and detecting improvements they will provide.