Proving Ground: Partners

The Proving Ground brings together NOAA and its partners to bridge the gap between research and operations and provide a rich source of information contributing to user education and training on GOES-R Series applications.

Formal GOES-R Proving Ground Partners

GLM Sensor See Thru Diagram

Formal Proving Ground Partners

The following map illustrates the Formal GOES-R Proving Ground Partners including Product Development Partners (denoted by a star, image:  yellow star) and Evaluation Partners (denoted by a square, image:  square). The Formal Partners map has been updated with new criteria:

Formal Product Development Partners are GOES-R supported algorithm developers. A location is considered a Formal Evaluation Partner if:

  1. The office is included in a GOES-R Proving Ground Demonstration Plan, or
  2. The office has a current signed GOES-R Proving Ground WFO Evaluation Partner and Provider Agreement through the GOES-R Point of Contact for the evaluation (usually a Satellite Liaison) and the GOES-R Proving Ground Coordinator.