GOES-R Series Acronyms (G)

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g Earth’s gravitational acceleration
G/T Gain-to-Noise Temperature
G&A General and Administrative
GAGL Government-Allocated Ground Latency
GAMCATS GOES-R Antenna Monitor, Control, and Test Subsystem
GAO Government Accountability Office
GAS GOES-R Access Subsystem
GAS GOES Archive System
GB gigabyte (10E9 bytes)
Gbe Gigabit Ethernet
GCA Gain Control Attenuator
GCM Galois/Counter Mode
GCM Global Circulation Model
GCPs Ground Control Points
GCRs Galactic cosmic rays
GCSD Government Communications Systems Division (Harris Corporation)
GD Ground Directive
GDAS Global Data Assimilation System
GDCP GOES-Derived Cloud Products
GDDL Greenbelt Development and Demonstration La
GDE GOES-R Data Exploitation
GDMS GSFC Directives Management System
GDS Global Domain Server
GDST General Dynamics Space Telecommunications
GEO Geostationary Earth Orbit
GEO-CAPE Geosynchronous Earth Orbit Local User Terminal (COSPAS-SARSAT)
GEOCAT Geostationary Cloud Algorithm Testbed
GEOLUT Geosynchronous Local User Terminal (COSPAS-SARSAT)
GEONS GPS Enhanced Onboard Navigation System 
GEOPROF Geometrical Profiling algorithm
GEOSAR Geostationary Earth Orbit Search and Rescue
GEOSS Global Earth Observation System of Systems
GeoTIFF Tagged Image File Format with geo-referencing information
GERB Geostationary Earth Radiation Budget
GEVS General Environmental Verification Standard
GEVS-SE General Environmental Verification Specification for STS & ELV Payloads, Subsystems, and Components
GFE Government Furnished Equipment
GFI Government Furnished Information
GFI Ground fault interrupt
GFP GOES Flight Project
GFP Government Furnished Product
GFP Government Furnished Property
GFS Global Forecast System
GFY Government Fiscal Year
CG Gas Generator
GHB Goddard Space Flight Center Handbook
GHe Gaseous Helium
GIA Government Inspection Agency
GID Goddard Interim Directive
GIDEP Government-Industry Data Exchange Program
GIR GOES Incident Report
GIRD General Interface Requirements Document
GIS General Interface Specification
GISS GOES-R Integrated Scheduling System
GIVVWG GOES-R Integration, Verification, and Validation Working Group
GLASH GOES-Layer Average Specific Humidity
GL-C3S Ground Located – Command, Control, and Communication Segment
GLCC Global Land Cover Characteristics
GLD360 Vaisala Global Lightning Dataset
GLM Geostationary Lightning Mapper
GLMBGD GLM Background Images
GLME Geostationary Lightning Mapper (GLM) Emulator
GLMERS Geostationary Lightning Mapper (GLM) Emulator, Real-Time Node and Simulator 
GMAG Goddard Magnetometer 
GMAO Global Modeling and Assimilation Office (NASA)
GMD Global Monitoring Division, Earth System Research Lab
GMI Goddard Management Instruction
GMIP Goddard Management Instruction Policy
GMIP Government Mandatory Inspection Point
GML Geography Markup Language
GMM Geometric Math Model
GMM GOES-R Metadata Model
GMT Generic Mapping Tool
GN Ground Network
GN&C Guidance, Navigation and Control
GNATS GOES Navigation Analysis and Trending System
GNC&P Guidance, Navigation, Control and Propulsion
GNC Guidance, Navigation and Control
GNSO Ground Network Scheduling Operator
GOCART Global Ozone Chemistry Aerosol Radiation Transport
GOES Geostationary Operational Environmental Satellite
GOES  I-M Geostationary Operational Environmental Satellite-I series
GOES-NOP GOES-N Series satellites
GOES-R Geostationary Operational Environmental Satellite-R series
GOES-R3 GOES-R series Risk Reduction
GOESRSCAG GOES-R Snow Cover and Grain Size
GOLD Rules Goddard Open Learning Design Rules
GOME Global Ozone Monitoring Experiment
GOP Ground Operations Plan
GORD Geostationary Operations Requirements Document
GORWG GOES-R Series Operational Requirements Working Group
GORWG GOES-R Operational Requirements Working Group
GOSAT Japanese "IBUKI", Greenhouse Gas Observing Satellite
GOTS Government Off-The-Shelf
GOWG Ground Operations Working Group
GP Geophysics Directorate
GPA Ground Processing Algorithm
GPAD Ground Processing Algorithm Document
GPC General Purpose Computer
GPD Goddard Policy Directive
GPDS Ground Processing Demonstration System (GLM)
GPDS Ground Processing Development System
GPF GPS-III Processing Facility
GPFS General/Generic Parallel File System
GPG Goddard Procedures and Guidelines
GPL General Public License
GPM Global Precipitation Measurement
GPMC Governing Program Management Council
GPO GOES-R Program Office
GPR Goddard Procedural Requirements
GPRA Government Performance and Results Act
GPRD GOES Program Requirements Document
GPS Global Positioning System
GPS-Met GPS meteorology
GPSR Global Position System Receiver
GPWG GSIT Planning Working Group
GQM Goal-Question Measurement
GRAD GPS Requirements Allocation Document
GRATDAT GOES-R ABI Radiometric Trending and Data Analysis Toolkit
GRB Global Rebroadcast
GRB GOES Rebroadcast
GRBT GRB ground Terminal
GRC Glenn Research Center (NASA)
GRD GOES-R Requirements Document
GRD Ground Segment Readiness Date
GRDDP GOES-R Reliable Data Delivery Protocol (GLM)
GRE Ground Readiness Exercise
GRFIWG GOES Radio Frequency Interference Working Group
GRIB Gridded Binary
GRID Giver-Receiver Inter-Segment Database 
GRIT GOES-R Integration and Test
GRITT GOES-R INR Trending Tool
GRMS Goddard Review Management System
GRO Government Residence Office
GROW GOES-R Operations and Warning
GRS General Records Schedule
GRS80 Geodetic Reference System 1980
GRT Ground Readiness Team
GS Ground Segment/Ground System
GS Ground Station (S/C)
GSA General Services Administration
GSAR Ground Segment Acceptance Review
GSC Ground System Controller
GSD Ground Sample Distance (ABI)
GSD Global Systems Division (ESRL)
GSDC Ground Segment Development Center
GSE Ground Support Equipment
GSEDS Ground Systems Engineering and Depot System
GSFC Goddard Space Flight Center (NASA)
GSFPS Ground Segment Functional and Performance Specifications
GSICS Global Space-based Inter-Calibration System
GSIP GOES Surface and Insolation Project
GSIR Ground System Integration Review
GSIT Ground Segment Integration and Test
GSIT Ground Segment/System Integration Tests
GSKMP GOES-R System Key Management Plan
GSM Ground Segment Mission
GSMAR Ground Segment Mission Assurance Requirements
GSP Ground Segment Plan
GSP Ground Segment Project
GSPLA Ground Segment Post Launch Acceptance
GSPM Ground Segment Project Manager
GSPO Ground Segment Project Office
GSPSO Ground Segment Project Science Office
GSRS Ground Segment Requirements Specification
GSRT Goddard System Review Team
GSSE Ground Segment Systems Engineering
GSSIM Ground Systems Simulator
GSV Ground Segment Verification
GSVR Ground Segment Verification Review
GSWTRR GSE Software Test Readiness (ABI)
G/T Gain-to-Noise Temperature
GT Guide Telescope (SUVI)
GTA Guide Telescope Assembly
GTACS GOES-NQ Telemetry and Command System
GTO Geosynchronous Transfer Orbit
GTS Global Telecommunication System (of WMO)
GUC GOES Users' Conference
GUI graphical user interface
GUM Guide to the Expression of Uncertainty in Measurement
GVAR GOES Variable Data (Legacy GOES)
GVF Green Vegetation Fraction
GVI Global Vegetation Index
GWAC Government-Wide Acquisition Contract
GWT Google Web Toolkit