GOES-R Series Acronyms (I)

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I/B In-Board
I/F Interface
I/O Input/Output
I&AP Inspect and Analyze Products
I&Q In-Phase & Quadrature
I&T Integration and Test
I&TE Integration and Test Environment
I&VT Imagery and Visualization Team
IA Identification and Authentication (Security)
IA Impact Assessment
IA Independent Assessment
IA Information Assurance
IA Instrument Accommodation
IABP International Arctic Buoy Program
IAC independent assurance contractor
IAM Identity and Access Managment
IANA Internet Assigned Numbers Authority
IASI Infrared Atmospheric Sounding Interferometer
IATT Interim Authority To Test
IB Integrated Baseline
IB InBoard
IBIT Initiated Built In Test
IBM International Business Machines
IBPD Integrated Budget and Performance Document
IBR Integrated Baseline Review
IC Integrated Circuit
ICA Independent Cost Analysis
ICA Integrated Compatibility Analysis
ICAO International Civil Aviation Organization
ICB Instrument Control Box
ICD Interface Control Document
ICDL Instrument Calibration Data List
ICE Independent Cost Estimate
ICHC Inventory and Configuration History Collector
ICMP Internet Control Message Protocol
ICP Integrated C&DH Processor
ICPM Intelligent Copper Pass-Through Module
ICS Industrial Control Systems
ICT Inflight Calibration Target
ICT IR Calibration Target
ICT Integrated Checkout Test
ICT Internal Calibration Target
ICWG Interface Control Working Group
IDD Instrument Definition/Description Document
IDD Interface Design Description
IDD Internet Data Distribution
IDE Integrated Development Environment
IDE Integrated Digital Environment
IDL Interactive Data Language
IDP Intrusion Detection and Prevention
IDPS Intrusion Detection and Prevention Systems
IDS Intrusion Detection System
IDT Integrated Development Team
IE Information Engineering
IE Initiating Event
IEC International Electrotechnical Commission
IEEE Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers
IEOS Integrated Earth Observing System
IER Initial Evaluation Review
IERS International Earth Rotation Services
IES Interferometric Editing System
IESD Internal Electrostatic Discharge
IETF Internet Engineering Task Force
IF Interface
IF Intermediate Frequency
IFA Input Filter Assembly
IFC In-Flight Calibration
IFDS Intermediate Frequency Distribution Switching
IFDS-SS Intermediate Frequency Distribution Switch –Switching Software
IFFR Image Frame to Frame Registration
IFMS Integrated Financial Management System
IFREMER Institut Français de REcherche pour l'exploitation de la MER (French Oceanic Institute, Brest)
IGBP International Geosphere-Biosphere Programme
IGFOV Instantaneous Ground Field Of View
IGMP Internet Group Management Protocol
IGRF International Geomagnetic Reference Field
IIF Information in Identifiable Form
IIR Independent Implementation Review
IIR Integrated Independent Review
IIRP Integrated Independent Review Plan
IIRT Integrated Independent Review Team
IKE Internal Key Exchange
ILCCA Independent Life-Cycle Cost Analysis
ILED Intelligent Light Emitting Diode
ILO Integrated Lights Out
ILS Integrated Logistics Support
ILT Instructor-Led Training
IM Instrument Manager
IMAR Instrument Mission Assurance Requirements
IMC Image Motion Compensation
IMF Instrument Mounting Frame
IMF Integrated Management Framework
IMF Integrated Master Framework
IML Identity and Access Management
IMM Integrated Management Module
IMP Integrated Management Plan
IMPROVE Interagency Monitoring of Protected Visual Environment
IMS Integrated Master Schedule
IMS Interactive Multisensor Snow and Ice Mapping System
INR Image Navigation and Registration
IMU Inertial Measurement Unit
IMWG Integrated Modeling Working Group
InCalD Instrument Data Calibration
INCITS International Committee for Information Technology Standards
INCO Integration and Checkout
IND Interplanetary Network Directorate
INPE Instituto Nacional de Pesquisas Espaciais
INPRG In Progress
INS Instruction
INST CAL   Instrument Calibration Data
IO Information Owner
IO Input/Output
IO Interoperability
IOC Initial Operational Capability
IOPS Input/Output Operations Per Second
IORD NPOESS Integrated Operational Requirements Document
IOSEWG Inter-Organizational Systems Engineering Working Group
IOT In-Orbit Transfer Test/Testing
IP Integrated Process
IP Intellectual Property
IP Internet Protocol
IPA Inter-Program Agreements
IPACS Integrated Polar Acquisition and Control Subsystem
IPAMS IP Address Management System
IPAO Independent Program Assessment Office
IPC Association Connecting Electronics Industries
IPC International Policy Committee
IPC Inter-Process Communications
IPD Individuals and Integrated Product Development Teams
IPD Information Processing Division (OSDPD)
IPDU Internet Protocol Data Unit
IPM Instrument Performance Monitor
IPM Integrated Process Manual
IPMI Integrated Platform Management Interface
IPMS Integrated Program Management Schedule
IPO Integrated Program Office
IPP IP Precedence
IPPD Integrated Product and Process Development
IPR Independent Peer Review
IPS Integrated Product Set
IPS Intrusion Prevention System
IPSC Information Processing Standards for Computers
IPT Integrated Product Team
IPU Integrated Processing Unit
IPv6 Internet Protocol version 6
I/Q In-phase/Quadrature-phase
IQM Ingest Quality Manager
IR Incident Report
IR Incident Response (Security)
IR infrared
IRAB International Radiosonde/Rawinsonde Observation Mandatory Levels
IRAD Independent Research and Development
IRB Incident Review/Report Board
IRD Interface Requirements Document
IRDM Integrated Requirements and Design Models
IRE Integrated Rate Error
IRF Inertial Reference Frame
IRIG Inter-Range Instrumentation Group
IRIS Incident Reporting Information System
IRMA Integrated Risk Management Application (RM Database)
IRMT Information Resource Management Team
IRP Incident Response Plan
IRS Interface Requirements Specification 
IRSG International RAOB Significant Levels
IRSST Infrared Sea Surface Temperature
IRT Independent Review Team
IRT Interim Response Team
IRU Inertial Reference Unit
IRVP Infrared Video Processor
IRW infrared window
IS Information Security
IS Information System
IS Infrastructure
IS Infrastructure System
IS Interface Specification
ISA Interconnected Security Agreement
IS-AS IS Element Application Server
ISCCP International Satellite Cloud Climatology Project
ISCS Infrastructure Consolidated Storage
ISD Instructional System Design
ISE Instrument Systems Engineer
ISI Integral Systems Incorporated
ISIQT Internal Software Item Qualification Test
ISL Inter-Switch Link
ISM Instrument Systems Manager
ISM Internet Service Monitor
ISMP Integrated Schedule Management Plan
ISO International Organization for Standardization
ISP Specific Impulse
ISPEC Instrument Specification
ISR Individual Subcontract Reports
ISR Institute for Scientific Research
ISR Internal Shared Resources
ISRS IS Element Requirement Specification
ISS Internet Security Systems
ISSE Information Systems Security Engineer
ISSO Information System Security Officer
ISSP Information System Security Plan
IST Ice Surface Temperature
IST Integrated System Test
IT Information Technology
IT&V Integration, Test and Verification
ITA Independent Technical Authority
ITAM IT Asset Management
ITAR International Traffic in Arms Regulations
ITC Information Technology Center
ITCO Integration, Test and Checkout
ITD Inception to Date
ITE Integration an Test Environment
ITIL Information Technology Infrastructure Library
ITPS Integrated Trending and Plotting System
ITRB Information Technology Review Board
ITS Information Technology Services
ITS Institute for Telecommunications Sciences
ITSM Information Technology Security Manual
ITSO Information Technology Security Officer
ITSP Information Technology Security Policy
ITSPP Information Technology Security Program Policy
ITSWG IT Security Working Group
ITU International Telecommunication Union
ITVWG Integration, Test, and Validation Working Group - Ground Segment
ITWG Integration and Test Working Group - Flight Project
IV&V Independent Verification and Validation
IWG Instrument Working Group
IWP Ice Water Path