GOES-R Series Acronyms (P)

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P/CAP Preventative and Corrective Action Process
P&D Playback and Display
P&M Parts and Materials
P&TC Peripheral and Thermal Control
P3I or P3I Pre-Planned Product Improvement
PA Performance Assurance
PA Project Authorization
PA Property Administrator
PA&R Program Audit and Review (OSMA)
PAAD Point and Alignment Allocation Document
PAC Post-Award Conference
PACR Planned Activity Change Request
PACS Physical Access Control Systems
PAD Pitch-Angle Distributions
PAF Payload Attachment Fitting
PAIP Product Assurance and Implementation Plan
PaL Pause and Learn
PAL Product Area Lead (NASA)
PAM Pluggable Authentication Module
PAPL Project Approved Parts List
PAR Photosynthetically Active Radiation
PAR POSST Anomaly Report
PATRON Product Anomaly, Ticket, Relationship, Organization, and Notification
PB Petabyte (10E15 bytes)
PBL Product Baseline
PBM Program Business Manager
PBMA Process Based Mission Assurance
PBX Private Bench Exchange
PC Property Custodian
PCA Physical Configuration Audit
PCA Primer Chamber Assembly
PCA Principle Component Analysis
PCA Program/Project Commitment Agreement
PCA Project Control Administrator
PCB Parts Control Board
PCB Printed Circuit Board
PCC Program Cost Commitment
PCCB Program/Project Configuration Control Board
PCI Peripheral Component Interconnect
PCLD Probably Cloudy Restoral Test
PCLR Probably Clear Restoral Test
PCM Process Compliance Monitor
PCM Project Control Manager
PCO Procurement Contracting Officer
PCO Project Control Office
PCP Parts Control Program
PCRB Program Change Review Board
PCRT Probably Cloudy Restorative Test
PCS Project Control System
PCU Power Control Unit
PD Preliminary Design
PD Position Description
PD Process Directive
PD Product Distribution (Ground Segment Element)
PDA Percentage of Defectives Allowable
PDA Product Distribution and Access
PDD Presidential Decision Directive
PDD Product and Data Dissemination
PDF Probability Distribution Function
PDG Product Distribution Grid
PDL Product Development Lead
PDL Program Design Language
PDM Physical Data Model
PDM Product Data Management
PDM Power Distribution Module
PDP Policy Decision Point
PDR Preliminary Design Review
PDR/KDP-C   Preliminary Design Review/Key Decision Point – C
PDRR Program Definition and Risk Reduction
PDS Protected Distribution System
PDSS Product Data Storage Subsystem
PDT Product Design Team
PDT Product Development Team
PDU Power Distribution Unit
PDV Packet Delay Variable
PE Physical and Environmental Control/Protection
PE Pivotal Event
PE Program Executive
PE Project Engineering
PE Project Event
PEAP Protected Extensible Authentication Protocol
PEB Performance Evaluation Board
PEB Power Electronics Box
PEM Plastic encapsulated microcircuits
PEM Project Engineering Metrics
PEP Policy Enforcement Point
PER Pre-Environmental Review
PERSIANN Precipitation Estimation from Remotely Sensed Information using Artificial Neural Networks
PES Performance Evaluation System
PETE Program End-to-End
PFA Performance Flow Analyzer
PFA Program Finance Administrator/Analyst
PFAAST Pressure layer Fast Algorithm for Atmospheric Transmittances
PFD Power Flux Density
PFI Percent Fully Implemented
PFM Proto Flight Model
PG Procedures and Guidelines
PG Product Generation (Ground Segment Element)
PG Proving Ground
PGAA Performance and Guidance Accuracy Analysis
PGEB Proving Ground Executive Board
PGIM Product Generation Infrastructure Management
PGINCR Product Generation Increment
PGLM Pseudo Geostationary Lightning Mapper
PGM Pragmatic General Multicast
PGSM Product Generation Service Manager
PGPP Proving Ground Program Plan
PH Price History
PHA Preliminary Hazard Analysis
PHA Pulse Height Analysis
PHB Per Hop Behavior
PHSL Program Hardware Software List
PHST Packaging, Handling, Shipping and Transportation
PI Partially Implemented
PI Payload Interface
PI Principal Investigator
PIA Privacy Impact Assessment
PID Proportional Integral Derivative
PID Process Identifier
PIFE Payload Interface Force and Torque
PIFT Predicted Interface Force and Torque
PII Personally Identifiable Information
PIID Practice Implementation Indicator Description
PIL Parts Identification List
PIND Particle Impact Noise Detection
PIOMAS Pan-Arctic Ice-Ocean Modeling and Assimilation System
PIR Precision Infrared Radiometer
PIRATA Prediction and Research Moored Array in the Atlantic
PIRATE Pre-Incident Report Anomaly Triage and Exploration
PIREPS Pilot Reports
PLAR Post-Launch Acceptance Review
PLB Personal Locator Beacons
PLC Programmable Logic Controllers
PLI Percentage Largely Implemented
PLISN Provisioning List Sequence Number
PLM Product Level Metadata
PLN Plan
PLOD Pressure Layer Optical Depth
PLPT Post-Launch Product Test
PLT Post-Launch Test
PLU Post-Launch Update
PM Particulate Matter
PM Payload Module
PM Product Monitor (Mission Management)
PM Program Management
PM Project Manager
PM Propulsion Module
PMA Preliminary Mission Analysis
PMAM Program Mission Assurance Manager
PMB Performance Measurement Baseline
PMC Program Management Council (NOAA)
PMC Pyro-Monitor Console
PMCB Parts and Materials Control Board
PMCP Parts and Materials Control Plan
PMD Program Management Directive
PMD Propellant Management Device
PMEF Primary Mission-Essential Functions
PMI Preventative Maintenance and Inspection
PMO Program Management Office
PMO Project Management Organization
PMP Parts and Materials Program
PMP Project Management Plan
PMPCB Parts and Materials Processes Control Board
PMR Program Management Review
PMR Project Management Review
PMSR Project Management Status Review
PMSR Program Management Status Review
PMT Photo-Multiplier Tube
PMU Personal Maintenance Unit
PNG Portable Network Graphics
PNI Percent Not Implemented
PO Product Operator
POA Point of Authority
POC Point of Contact
POC Proof of Concept
POD Probability of detection
POD Product Operations Directive
POES Polar Operational Environmental Satellites
POID Probability of Incorrect Detection
POL Polarity/Polarization
PON Positive Orbit Normal
POP Parallel Ocean Program
POP Period of Performance (contract)
POP Point of Presence (network)
POP Program Operating Plan
POR Power On Reset
PORD Performance and Operational Requirements Document
POSIX Portable Operating System Interface (for UNIX)
POSST Product Operations Science Support Team
POST Power on self test
PP Product Performance
PP Project Plan
ppb Parts per billion (1E-9)
PPBES Planning, Programming, Budgeting and Execution System
PPE Personal Protective Equipment
PPE Project Parts Engineer
PPF Payload Processing Facility
PPG Product Processing Grid
PPI Percent Partially Implemented
ppm parts per million
PPM Product Performance Monitor
PPRD Payload Processing Requirements Document
PPS Payload Power Supply
PPS Pulse per second
PPZ Product Processing Zone
PQD Product Quality Database
PQ Db Product Quality Database
PQI Product Quality Information
PQL Product Quality Lead
PQR Post-Qualification Test Review
PR Peer Review
PR Program Review
PR Project Risk
PRA Probabilistic Risk Assessment
PRA Pyrotechnic Relay Assembly
PRAD Payload Resource Allocation Document
PRB Process Review Board
PRD Program Requirements Documents
PREL Pre-Launch
PRE-MSR Pre-Monthly Status Review
PRF Performance Requirements For
PRH Peer Revie Handbook
PRIMX Program Risk Information Management exchange
PRM Processor Redundancy Management
PRM Program Records Management
PRN Pseudo Random Number/Noise
PROM Programmable Read Only Memory
PRR Project Requirements Review
PRT Platinum Resistance Thermometers 
PRT Program Review Template
PS Procurement Specification
PSA Parts Stress Analysis
PSB Power Supply Box
PSD Power Spectral Density
PSDF Product Sectorization and Data Formatting
PSE Program System Engineering
PSF Point Spread Function
PSH Percent Software Hazards
Psi Pound per square inch
PSK Phase Shift Key/Keying
PSM Project Safety Manager
PSM Project Support Manager
PSO Project Science Office
PSPEC Performance Specification (SC/MAG F&PS)
PSPVR Peer-Stakeholder Product Validation Review
PSR Pre-Shipment Review
PSR Project Status Review
PSS Propulsion SubSystem
PSTR Pre-Storage Review
PSU Personal Safety Unit
PTA Privacy Threshold Analysis
PTB Project Team Building
PTC Passive Thermal Control
PTC Photon Transfer Curves
PTD Provisional Technical Documentation
PTF PLT Test Form
PTM Proto Type Model
PTO Parallel Test and Operations
PTP Parallel Tools Platform
PTP Periodic Technical Reviews
PTP Point To Point
PTP Post Test Review
PTP Precise/Precision Time Protocol
PTP Programmable Telemetry Processor
PTR Post Test Review
PTR Program Tracking Report
PTRD Program Tracking Report Document
PTRSW Program Tracking Report Software
PTRSYS Program Tracking Report System
PTS Project Technical Staff
PUG Product User's Guide
PV Planned Value
PV Potential Vorticity
PV Pyro Value
PVM Parallel Virtual Machine
PVM Performance Verification Matrix
PVP Performance Verification Plan
PVT Position, Velocity, Time
PW Precipitable Water
PWA Printed Wire Assembly
PWB Printed Wiring Board
PWG Product Working Group
PX Positive X (+X)
PXE Preboot Execution Environment
PXI Peripheral Component Interconnect (PCI) eXtensions for Instrumentation
PY Positive Y (+Y)