GOES-R Series Acronyms (S)

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S South
S-G Space to Ground
S/A Solar Array
S/C Spacecraft
S/C Sub Contract

Spacecraft Functional and Performance Specification

S/MIME Secure/Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions
S/NA System and Network Administrator
S/W Software
S&ES Sensing and Exploration Systems
S&MA Safety & Mission Assurance
SA Science Algorithm
SA Security Assessment
SA Software Assurance
SA Solar Array
SA Submission Agreements
SA System Administrator
SAB Satellite Analysis Branch
SAD Solar Array Drive
SADA Solar Array Drive Assembly
SADE Solar Array Drive Electronics
SADM Solar Array Deployment Mechanism
SADT Structured Analysis and Design Technique
SAIC Science Applications International Corporation
SAISO Senior Agency Information Security Officer
SALT S-405 ArcJet Life Test
SAM Supplier Agreement Management
SAM Systems Assurance Manager
SAMI Sources and Methods Information
SAML Security Assertion Markup Language
SAN Storage Area Network
SAO Systems Assurance Office
SAO Systems Acquisition Office
SAP Security Accreditation Package
SAP Security Assessment Plan
SAP Software Assurance Plan
SAP Systems Applications and Products
SAPR Simulator Anomaly Problem Report
SAPR Software Anomaly Problem Report
SAR Safety Assessment Report
SAR Search And Rescue
SAR System Acceptance Review
SARB Surface and Atmospheric Radiation Budget, a component of CERES
SARSAT Search and Rescue Satellite Aided Tracking
SAS Solar Array Shunt
SASC Solar Array Simulation Console
SAST Simulated Antenna System Terminal
SAST Spacecraft All-Software Testbed
Sat Satellite
SAT Site Acceptance Test
SATA Serial Advanced Technology Attachment
SATB Satellite Algorithm Test Bed
SATCON Satellite Controller

System for Administration, Training and Educational Resources (NASA)

SATOPS Satellite Operations
SATS Solar Array Telemetry Simulator
SatSim Satellite Simulator
SAWA Solar Array Wing Assembly
SB Scientific Boundary
SBA Service Based Architecture
SBB Space Support Building (LM-KO)
SBC Single Board Computer
SBCRB Schedule Baseline Change Request Board
SBIR Small Business Innovation Research
SBIRS Space-Based Infrared System
SBT S-Band Transponder
SBT Space-Based Transmitter
SBU Sensitive But Unclassified
SC Spacecraft
SCA Security Control Assessor
SCADA Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition
SCAG Snow Cover and Grain size
SCAMPI Standard CMMI Appraisal Method for Process Improvement
SCaMPR Self-Calibrating Multivariate Precipitation Retrieval
SCAP Security Content Automation Protocol
SCBA Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus
SCCB Software Configuration Control Board
SCD Source Control Drawing
SCEP Simple Certificate Enrollment Protocol
SCF Sun-Pointing Platform (SPP) Coordinate Frame
SCFPS Spacecraft Functional and Performance Specification
SCI Scalable Coherent Interface
SCID Spacecraft Identifier
SCM Software Configuration Management
SCMAR Spacecraft Mission Assurance Requirements
SCMGT Security and Compliance Management
S-CMI Sectorized Cloud and Moisture Imagery
SCMP Subcontract Management Plan
SCN Spacecraft Navigation
SCOUTS Spacecraft Checkout Universal Test System
SCP Stored Command Processing
SCR Service Component Repository
SCR System Concept Review
SCSB Satellite Climate Studies Branch
SCMI Sectorized Cloud and Moisture Imagery 
SCT Solar Calibration Target
SCTS Spacecraft Command and Telemetry Simulator
SCTV Spacecraft Thermal Vacuum
SCU-R System Communications Unit - Replacement
SD Sensor Data
SD System Design
SDC Software Development Course
SDD Software Design Document
SDEB Science and Demonstration Executive Board
SDF Software Development Folder
SDK Software Development Kit
SDL Software Development Library
SDLC Software Development Life Cycle
SDLC System Development Life Cycle
SDM Scalable Data Management
SDM Structured Design Methodology
SDO Solar Dynamics Observatory
SDO/AIA SDO/ Atmospheric Imaging Assembly
SDO/EVE SDO/ Extreme Ultraviolet Variability Experiment
SDP Safety Data Package
SDP Software Development Plan
SDR Sensor Data Record
SDR System Definition Review
SDR System Design Review
SDRAM Synchronous Dynamic Random Access Memory
SDRL Subcontractor Data Requirement List
SDRL Supplier Data Requirement List
SDRWG SE and Development Risk Working Group
SDS System Design Specification
SDT Subjective Dvorak Technique
SDVE Software Development and Validation Environment
SE Systems Engineer
SE Systems Engineering
SEA Systems Engineering Analysis
SEB Sensor Electronics Box
SEB Source Evaluation Board
SEB SUVI Electronics Box
SEBN Surface Energy Balance Network
SEC Security
SEC Space Environment Center (NOAA)
SECA SEISS EHIS L1B Calibration Algorithm
SECO Safety and Environmental Compliance Office
SECO Second Engine Cutoff
SEE Single-Event Effect
SEE Software Engineering Environment
SeeBor Former name for U. Wisconsin Baseline fit surface emissivity database retrieved from MODIS observations
SE&I Systems Engineering and Integration
SEER/SEM System Evaluation and Estimation of Resources/Software Estimating Model
SEGA Sun-Pointing Platform (SPP) Elevation Gimbal Assembly
SEI Software Engineering Institute
SEISS Space Environment In-Situ Suite
SEIT Systems Engineering, Integration & Test
SEL single event latch-up
SELTS Self-Test Software
SEM Software Engineering Model
SEM Space Environment Monitor
SEMP Systems Engineering Management Plan
SensorML Sensor Markup Language
SEP Solar Energetic Particle
SEPG Software Engineering Process Group
SEPT System Functional and Performance Test
SET Single Event Transient
SET Systems Engineering Team
SETA System Engineering and Technical Assistance
SEU Single Event Upset
SEVIRI Spinning Enhanced Visible and Infrared Imager
SEWG Systems Engineering Working Group
SFC Earth Surface
SFCG Space Frequency Coordination Group
SFG System Focus Group
SFIA Space Flight Independent Assurance (KSC)
SFP Small Form-factor Pluggable
SFP Sure-Fire Panel
SFT Short Functional Test
SFT System Functional Test
SFTP Secure File Transfer Protocol
SG Steering Group
SG-ICD Space to Ground Interface Control Document
SGC Space to Ground Communications
SGCI Space to Ground Communications Interface
SGE Solar array Gimbal Electronics
SGE Sun Grid Engine
SGIS Spacecraft General Interface Specification
SCIWG Space-Ground Interface Working Group
SGLS Space-Ground Link System
SGLT Space-Ground Link Terminal
SGP Southern Great Plains
SGPS Solar and Galactic Proton Sensor (SEISS)
SGPS-CART Southern Great Plains Cloud and Radiation Testbed
SGS Svalbard Ground Station
SHA Secure Hashing Algorithm
SHCM Software Hazard Criticality Matrix
S-HIS Scanning High-Resolution Interferometer Sounder
SHM Safe Hold Mode
SHS Secure Hash Standard
SHyMet Satellite Hydrology and Meteorology
SI Scaled Integer
SI Showalter Index
SI System Integration
SI International System of Units (Systeme Internationale)
SI System and Information Integrity
SIA Security Impact Analysis
SIC Sea Ice Concentration
SiC Silicon Carbide
SIEM Security Information and Event Manager
SIF Spacecraft Interface
SIFC Serial Interface Card
SIGMET Significant Meteorological Information
SIIS Spacecraft to Instrument Interface Simulator
SIM Security Information Management
SIM Spacecraft Interface Module
SINDA System Improved Numerical Differencing Analyzer
SIP System Integration Plan
SIQT Software Item Qualification Test
SIQT Software Integration and Qualification Test
SIR Segment Integration Review (Ground Segment)
SIR   System Integration Review (Ground Segment)
SIRCUS Spectral Irradiance and Radiance Responsivity Calibrations using Uniform Sources 
SIRD System Interface Requirements Document
SIS Solar Imaging Suite
SIS System Interface Specification
SISSL Sun Industry Standards Source License
SIST Solar-Infrared Split-Window Technique
SIT Sea Ice Temperature
SIT Select-In Test
SI&T Site Integration and Test
SIU Sun-pointing system Interface Unit
SK Station Keeping
SKMP System Key Management Plan
SL-GMS Sherrill-Lubinski Graphical Modeling System
SLA Service-Level Agreement
SLA Source Logical Address
SLA SpaceWire Logical Address
SLC Space Launch Complex
SLCC Satellite Launch Commit Criteria
SLCC SW logical lines of code
SLE Space Link Extension
SLFM System Level Fault Management
SLI Second Level Integration
SLIM Software Lifecycle Management
SLOC Source Lines Of Code
SLW Super-cooled Liquid Water
SM Structural Model
SM Suspended Matter
SM System Module
SMA Safety and Mission Assurance
SMA Shape Memory Alloy
SMA Switch Matrix Assembly
SMAL Software Mission Assurance Lead
SMAOD Suspended Matter, Aerosol Optical Depth
SMAP Safety and Mission Assurance Plan
SMAR Safety and Mission Assurance Readiness Review
SMAR Subcontract Mission Assurance Requirements
SMD Science Mission Directorate (NASA)
SMDAA Science Mission Directorate Associate Administrator (NASA)
SMDP Software Management and Development Plan
SME Subject Matter Expert
SMG Spaceflight Meteorology Group
SMHCA SEISS MPS-Hi L1 Calibration Algorithm
SMHCL SEISS MPS-LO L1 Calibration Algorithm
SMO Systems Management Office
SMP Schedule Management Plan
SMP Software Management Plan
SMP Symmetric Multi-Processing
SMPC System Module Power Console
SMR Source Maintainability, and Recovery Code
SMRT Senior Management Review Team
SMS Session Management Service
SMSR Safety and Mission Success Review
SMT Senior Management Team
SMT Subcontract Management Team
SMT Surface Mount Technology
SMTL Special Mission Time Line
SMTP Simple Mail Transfer Protocol
SN Serial Number
SN Space Network
SNAC Systems and Network Attack Center
SNI Spacecraft Navigation Integration
SNM Spacecraft Navigation Manager
SNMP Simple Network Management Protocol
SNODAS Snow Data Assimilation System (NOHRSC)
SNOTEL Snow Telemetry network (Natural Resources Conservation Service)
SNR Signal-to-Noise Ratio
SO Staff Office
SO System Owner
SOA Service-Oriented Architecture
SOC Science Operations Center
SOC Security Operations Center
SOCC Satellite Operations Control Center
SODAR Sonic Detection and Ranging
SOE Sequence Of Events
SOE Standards Of Excellence
SOGUD Satellite Operations Graphical User Display
SOH Satellite Operations Handbook
SOH State Of Health
SOHO Satellite and Heliospheric Observatory
SOHO/EIT Solar and Heliospheric Observatory/Extreme ultraviolet Imaging Telescope
SOI Successive Order of Integration
SOMD Space Operations Mission Directorate
SoNAS Sale out Network Attached Storage
SONG Schedule Oversight and Negotiation Group
SOO Science and Operations Officer (National Weather Service)
SOP Standard Operating Procedure
SOPS Satellite Operations
SOS Science On a Sphere (NOAA)
SOW Statement of Work
SOZ Satellite Operations Zone
SOZDMZ Satellite Operations Zone De-Militarized Zone
SOZnet Satellite Operations Zone Network
SP Special Publication
SPARC Scalable Processor Architecture
SPC Storm Prediction Center
SPD System Program Director
SPE Solar Proton Event
SPF Single Point Failure
SPG Single Point Ground
SPI Schedule Performance Index
SPIB Software Process Improvement Board
SPLF Symmetrical Prominent Low Frequencies
SPM Subcontract Project Manager
SPoRT Short-term Prediction Research and Transition Center (NASA)
SPOT System Performance and Operations Test
SPP Sun-Pointing Platform
SPR Software Problem Report
SPR Solar Radiation Pressure
SPRU Scalable Power Regulation Unit
SPS Samples Per Second
SPS Standby Policy Server
SPS Sun Pointing System/Subsystem
SPSRB Satellite Products and Services Review Board (NESDIS)
SPVP System Performance Verification Plan
SpW SpaceWire
SpWRC SpaceWire Router Card
SQ Software Quality
SQ Supplier Quote
SQA Software Quality Assurance
SQAP Software Quality Assurance Plan
SQE Software Quality Engineer
SQL Structured Query Language
SQPSK Staggered Quadrature Phase Shift Keying
SQR Software Qualification Review
SR-IOV Single Root – IO Virtualization
SR Service Request
SR Status Review
SR System Requirement
SRA Schedule Risk Assessment
SRAM Static Random Access Memory
SRAS Secure Remote Access Server
SRB Schedule Review Board
SRB Shortwave Radiation Budget
SRB Software Review Board
SRB Solid Rocket Booser
SRB Standing Review Board
SRD System Requirements Document
SRF Spectral Response Function
SRIF Square Root Information Filter
SRND Solution Reference Network Design
SRP Solar Radiation Pressure
SRP System Review Plan
SRR Security Readiness Review
SRR System Readiness Review
SRR System Requirements Review
SRRC Square Root Raised Cosine Filter
SRS Shock Response Spectra
SRS Software Requirements Specification
SRS Supplier Rating System
SRT System Review Team
SS Skill Score
SS Space Segment
SSA Source Selection Authority
SSAI Satellite Systems and Applications, Inc.
SSAS Ship Security Alerting System
SSB Space Support Building
SSCA SEISS SGPS L1 Calibration Algorithm
SSD Satellite Services Division (NESDIS)
SSD SCADA Security Domain
SSD Solid State Detectors
SSD Space Systems Division
SSD Sum of Squared Differences
SSE Systems Safety Engineering
SSE System Security Engineering
SSE System Support Engineering
SSEC Space Science Engineering Center (University of Wisconsin-Madison)
SSGS Spacecraft Support Ground System (GOES-N/O/P)
SSH Secure Socket Shell
SSHD Secure Shell Daemon
SSIRU Scalable Space Inertial Reference Unit
SSL Secure Sockets Layer
SSL Space Simulation Lab
SSL Space Systems Lab
SS&MA System Safety and Mission Assurance
SSM/I Special Sensor Microwave/Imager
SSMIS Special Sensor Microwave Imager Sounder
SSO Single Sign On
SSO Source Selection Official
SSO Special Security Office
SSP Sub Satellite Point
SSP System Security Plan
SSPA Solid State Power Amplifiers
SSPO Systems Safety Program Office
SSPP System Safety Program Plan
SSR Satellite Storage Review
SSR Swath to Swath Registration
SSRD Split Spool Release Device
SSS Sub System Specification
SST Sea Surface Temperature
SSTC Sea Surface Temperature Compositing Algorithm
ST&C Satellite Telemetry and Command Handbook
ST&E Security Test and Evaluation
STA Star Tracker Assembly
STAR Center for Satellite Applications and Research
STD Standard
STE System Test Equipment
STEM Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics
STEREO Solar Terrestrial Relations Observatory
STI Scientific and Technical Information
STIG Security Technical Implementation Guide
STIWG Satellite Telemetry Interagency Working Grou
STK Satellite Tool Kit
STM Safe To Mate
STNI Segment Test Name Identifier
STOL Satellite Test and Operations Language
STOP Structural, Thermal, Optical, Performance

NSSTC Severe Thunderstorm Observations and Research Meteorological network

STP Software Test Plan
STR Software Test Report
STRD System Test Requirements Document
STS Short Term Storage
STS Space Transportation System
STS SUVI Telescope System
STT Small Tactical Terminal
SU Sensor Unit (GLM)
SU Start Up
SUE Sensor Unit Electronics
SUM Software User Manual
SURF Synchrotron Ultraviolet Radiation Facility
SURFRAD SURFace RADiation Budget
SURG Stakeholder and User Readiness for GOES-R
SUROM Startup Read Only Memory
SUST Sustainment Engineering
SUVI Solar Ultraviolet Imager
SUVI GT SUVI Guide Telescope
SV Schedule Variance
SV Space Vehicle
SVU SAP Version Update
SVVP Software Verification and Validation Plan
S/W Software
SW Short-Wave
SW/M Severe Weather/Mesoscale
SW/T Software Integration and Test
SWAMP Software Acquisition Management Plan
SWAROM SpaceWire ASIC Read-Only Memory
SWAT Software Acceptance Test
SWCCB Software Configuration Control Board
SWCDR Software Critical Design Review
SWCM Software Configuration Management
SWDD Software Detailed Design
SWE Software Engineering
SWEHB Software Engineering Handbook (NASA)
SWEWG Software Engineering Working Group
SWFO Space Weather Follow-on Program
SWG Safety Working Group
SWG Security Working Group
SWH System Warrant Holder
SWIR Short Wave IR
SWORD SpaceWire Operations Run or Discontinue
SWPC Space Weather Prediction Center (formerly known as Space Environment Center - SEC)
SWPDR Software Preliminary Design Review
SWQR Software Qualification Review
SWRA Software Requirements Analysis
SWRC Space Wire Router Card
SWRR Software Requirements Review
SWRS Software Requirement Specification
SWS Solar Wing Subsystem
SWTRR Flight Software Test Readiness Review
SWUPD Software Update Service
SXI Solar X-Ray Imager (GOES-N/O/P)
SYSDBA System Data Base Administrator
SYSOPR System Operator
SZA Solar Zenith Angle