Data Products: Aerosol Detection (Smoke and Dust)

MODIS visible color composite image (left) of a British Columbia, Canada fire event on 19 August 2003 and the resulting smoke flag product generated by the GOES-R Aerosol Detection algorithm (right).
GOES-16 aerosol detection product from April 27, 2017.

Download product algorithm theoretical basis document (ATBD)

The aerosol detection product will use several spectral bands made available on the GOES-R Series imager. The algorithm will use known spectral absorption and scattering properties of different aerosols to detect their presence in the atmosphere. The aerosol detection product enables forecasters to better monitor areas of smoke and dust, which can be critical factors in visibility and air quality forecasts. In addition to short-term prediction, this product also enables better monitoring of the long-term trends in aerosol quantities and distribution throughout the atmosphere.