GOES-R Series Risk Reduction Fiscal Year 2015 New Starts

  Development and Demonstration of the Fusion of GOES-R Legacy Sounding NearCasts with Convective Initiation Products to Improve Convective Weather Nowcasts
Principal Investigators: Lee Cronce (CIMSS), John Mecikalski (Univ. of Alabama-Huntsville), Ralph Petersen (CIMSS)
Proposal Abstract: Cronce  |  Proposal Summary: Cronce

GOES-R ABI Multi-Spectral Imagery for Visibility Hazard Assessment via Himawari AHI
Principal Investigator: Steven Miller (CIRA)
Proposal Abstract: Miller  |  Proposal Summary: Miller

Probabilistic Forecasting of Severe Convection through Data Fusion
Principal Investigators: Michael Pavolonis (NESDIS-STAR-ASPB), Dan Lindsey (NESDIS-STAR-RAMMB), John Cintineo (CIMSS), Justin Sieglaff (CIMSS), Dan Bikos (CIRA)
Proposal Abstract: Lindsey  |  Proposal Summary: Lindsey

Transitioning the NASA Aircraft Icing Threat Capability to NOAA Operations
Principal Investigators: William Smith, Jr. (NASA-Langley), Andi Walther (CIMSS)
Proposal Abstract: Smith  |  Proposal Summary: Smith

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